About our Institute

The Community Prevention Institute was established in the servise of development and prevention of the community since 2003

The Institute was established on the basis of clear objectives and future visions, which are based on instilling the spirit of love and moral and positive cooperation between the society in all its different sectors (citizens and expatriates). As well as seeking to raise the efficiency and level of performance of the members to carry out the task entrusted to them in full, in order to raise the dignity of the nation and access to a civilized society based on science and knowledge;

Where the Institute is based in its new structure to a community research method of measurement. Not only to keep pace with the latest developments at the community level, but also to identify the best ways to respond to them and analyze them scientifically through the modern theory of standards, and the formulation of training programs to put the UAE community in a position worthy of it in the midst of the race of modernity. With this vision, it is in this sense that the work of the Community Prevention Institute to form a national reference in the field of social sciences where the Institute works as a scientific research institution aimed at providing training programs within a scientific research vision.

The mission of the Institute is to adopt a social perspective and a rational approach to dealing with the central and urgent issues of the present and future, in addition to the keen interest in community issues and the provision of practical solutions. We continue to strive for excellence and exclusivity as we deliver, following the era of technology, information and data in the formulation of our training programs.

Our Vision

Leadership in community work A cohesive society that maintains its identity (UAE Vision 2021)

Our Mission

The Institute seeks to promote community work by providing the best programs, consulting, community research and rehabilitation of cadres to achieve sustainable community development

Our Values

Quality and excellence
Flexibility and teamwork
Honesty, morality and neutrality



United Arab Emirates

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